Tuesday, 17 May 2011

You like me, you really really like me...

Grab some ice and crack open the vodka! I cannot believe this BUT I have been proudly awarded with a Stylish Bloggers Award! not once, but TWICE!!!

Thank you so very much to Me, my best and I and alazygirlsguidetobeauty for the nominations!!!

Stylish blogger award rules!
  • Thank and link back to the blogger who sent the award
  • Share 10 things about yourself

  1. I hate to admit this (& will probably receive hate mail) but I hate clothes shopping… Yes, I know total blasphemy… but I do LOVE makeup & food shopping..
  2. I’m obsessed with makeup & skincare packaging and rarely throw out the boxes (hoarder in the making!
  3. Amongst my very serious day job I am also a mystery shopper!!! Oooh
  4. Last year I lived in France for six beautiful months…
  5. I am truly, truly stingy
  6. When eating a cooked breakfast I don’t like any of the ingredients to be touching (little bit of OCD creeping in!)
  7. My fiancé proposed over 4 days and over 2 countries!
  8. I am left handed…
  9. I am a self confessed grublet (from the dictionary of Zoe) I hate cleaning and generally leave a trail of destruction which somewhat amuses my husband to be!
  10. I wish I had the courage to change careers (yet again!) and break into the beauty industry instead of just blogging about it…

    • Pay it forward…
     My bested beauty pal ever! Melissa (miss melly-moo) who I just adore and although we write back and forth almost daily and send packages interstate we have actually never met or spoken! It’s a new age pen-pal like friendship! missmakeuplover

    Oooh Magda WOW and I mean wow! She is just truly AMAZING with her jaw-dropping EOTD & FOTD blog posts keep me truly inspired! Follow her blog trust me it’s an addictive read and with helpful easy to follow step-by-step instructions you can re-create at home! alltheprettyfaces

    Max the Unicorn! A fabulously well written and fun blog! With a mutual love for beauty, movies and the odd unicorn thrown in there!!! AND not to forget there is also a particularly exciting looking blog giveaway on - so get to it and start following for your chance to WIN! maxtheunicorn

    And last but not least, the lovely JoyJoy! She keeps me in constant supply of my beloved samples and is quite possibly the founder of Free Samples Anonymous! LOL!!! but on a serious note, I would not be where I am today proudly blogging and free sampling away without all her help, support and advice! So thanks Joy!! x beautybargainqueen

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    1. I had the pleasure of meeting Melissa last week and she is even sweeter in person, if you can believe it! Such a sweetie, love her videos and now her blog=)
      Congrats on your awards,I'd love to hear more about how your fiance proposed!