Thursday, 31 May 2012

The secret diary of a stingy girl... FREE Benefit products with Glamour Magazine!

Hurrah! it's that time of year again for the infamous
Glamour Magazine Benefit cosmetic freebies!!!

 For the bargain price of 2 shiny British pounds


You can pick up the July edition of Glamour Magazine with a choice of 3 Benefit products:

♥ that gal brightening face primer 7.5ml or BADgal lash mascara 40g or
♥ the Porefessional 7.5g

or be a cheeky monkey like me and pick up all three magazines - they were the only ones left at Sainsbury's at 9am this morning!!!

 So is this a bargain or what?!


Well little ones what are you waiting for? pop down to your nearest newsagent, supermarket, WHSmith and pick up Glamour!

Little Jo 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Feeling Blue...

I'm a bit of a sad panda today...

alot has been happening over the last year, I sold, packed up & moved my whole life to the other side of the world (again), I changed jobs alot! made a precious handful of lovely friends and lost some good ones too...

I also lost the love of my life and with that have had to make some very difficult life changing decisions.

 I feel like everything has come on top of me lately, so it's probably no surprise I'm feeling ill at the moment...

Not only do I wear my heart on my sleeve, I eat my feelings...

I also paint my feelings on my nails...


We all go through difficult & hard times in our life and I know that I just need to look after myself and get through it...

but it still hurts!

slowly getting through one day at a time...

Little Jo 

Sunday, 27 May 2012 London launch party

Quite a few weeks back there were alot of tweets going around that there would be a party to end all launch parties coming up to celebrate the UK arrival of

~ Scandinavia’s largest online store selling clothes, shoes & beauty
(think scandinavian asos!)

I put my virtual hand up, hoping for an invite...

and guess what?! I got one!!!

Held at the glamorous aqua London we waited very patiently in a long VIP line...

we got rained on a little bit which was a shame BUT we did get the full VIP paparazzi treatment with a cameraman
documenting our every move!

after about a 25 minute wait we were in!
quick someone get me a cocktail stat!

the venue was completely packed! so it was a little difficult to have a good sticky beak at the clothes on display...

I did however have a good look at the shoes!

Now speaking of shoes - did I mention that we got given a FREE PAIR OF SHOES!!! we did have to line up again for a very long time in order to have a good look at which 3 pairs we liked the most, write the name & size down - then put our details into the laptops to have the shoes delivered - but hey FREE SHOES are FREE SHOES people!

Whilst waiting in the shoe line I ran into the lovely Laura from laurasbible & I managed to get rather jolly (ok I got drunk :s) on all the lovely cocktails whilst waiting in the long line!

Along with being plied with cocktails & canapés we were also treated to a close up pole dancing show... yes, you read that right - pole dancing - seriously!

 I had such a fun & fabulous evening at the launch, the venue was amazing with Gemma Cairney DJing for the night, manicure station's & a photobooth... of course I got too carried away with the cocktails to enjoy the mani's or the photobooth! lol

 Since the launch I've been making a little online wishlist at who stock over 800 brands with free UK delivery! and if you fancy a free pair of shoes or a whole dozen of free shoes - including a wishlist new wardrobe why don't you enter the nelly design your dream shoe competition to win a £2,000 shopping spree!


I can't wait to see what shoes I get in the post! I'll be sure to put a blog post up when I get them

Little Jo