Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Hairy scary?

As a self proclaimed selfish cow, it pains me to say that sometimes it's not always all about me...

Let me introduce you to The Real Shaving Co.

Hubby-to-be was very surprised that something had actually arrived in the mail for him. Naturally I opened up all the tubes and had a good old poke about at all the products. And you know what? they smell, well - MANLY! Nice! 

So with a box of brand sparkly new products to try out and me being insanely jealous, you know what the cheeky bugger then asked for? new razors! cheeky monkey indeed! then told me was too camera shy to actually appear in the blog post... Grrr!

 So what to do, what to do?

In come's fabulous new housemate Bronson! who was more than happy (after the offer of free beer & gentle persuasian) to be my tester bunny! hurrah!


a natural born product tester!

pondering what he's got himself into!!

I asked Mr B what he thought of The Real Shaving Co. products?

Mr B: Ummm, yeah they were good
LJ: what was your favourite product?
Mr B: the scrubbing one, that was good! I'll use that one again.
LJ: would you buy these again when they run out?
Mr B: Yep!
LJ: so, what would you rate the products out of 5?

LJ: Oh good, so that's a solid 5?

Mr B: nope, make that 6 out of 5!

So there you have it! a 6 out of 5! impressive, good job Mr B! 

With Christmas looming I would highly recommend some goodies from The Real Shave Co. for your other half, as stocking fillers, a pressie for your best guy mate or the office kris kringle.

And best of all they are all under a fiver! - unless you add on brand new razors!! lol

Monday, 14 November 2011

Shopping up a tropical storm with L.A. Colors

 Dragging hubby-to-be to Westfield London is never a good idea... 
I knew I had to make it quick!

After wondering around aimlessly I spotted...

Oh my stars I love that shop! from fragrance, to makeup & skincare it has it all! but best of all for the true inner stingy shopper Beauty Base has treats from as little as 99p!

Like nailpolish

I love it! perfect for my new grey dress jumper

As a huge fan of spending less, I have to say I was not disappointed whatsoever with this little cheapie polish, it painted on evenly, streak free & as a little added bonus it actually dried quickly between coats! 


Saturday, 12 November 2011

The secret diary of a stingy girl continues...

I'm pleased to say I've transferred my stingy/frugal ways across the other side of the world & discovered a whole new perspective on stingy shopping i.e. charity shops & carboot sales! ta da!

Oooh they are delightful!

Don't frown darling! it's not "charity ewww..." it's 

Here is a quick little post about my morning charity shop bargain hunt...

Shoes! Yes, shoes!!!

Pink ones! aren't they cute?
unfortunately due to the rubbish weather, I can't get a true picture of the colour but they are a soft baby pink

they even have bows

but, wait for it - they are from ALDO! seriously!!! 
Oooh nice!

so considering shoe's from ALDO can average around £65+ 
how much did I pay for these lovelies??




Yep! that's right 3 shiny british pounds, or for my aussie friends that's the bargain price of 

AU$4.70 !!!

So who's with me? are they a bargain, or what!? 
do you think they are cute? would you wear them? 

have you come across any fabulous finds lately? 

Would you like to see more of my stingy/frugal charity shop bargains?

Friday, 28 October 2011

Storage update!

In between sorting / selling / giving away my precious makeup that has become almost like children to me! *sniff, sniff* Not to mention all the whinging and whining from the hubby-to-be I managed to smuggle a few tiny kilos of makeup and skincare into my already overladen suitcase on my way home to the UK... lol!

So you may remember my first storage post back in Australia, and yes, well it seems that perhaps my collection may have grown a slight tad... so here's an update for you all

Isn't she gorgeous?!!

It only took me a few weeks of trawling the net to find her, and oh my god it was tedious, I kept coming across dolls furniture! was rather hilarious now I look back, but I would get all excited, but then realise it was a miniature!! Eventually I was such a lucky little lady and nabbed my vintage dressing table from a guy on gumtree for the bargain price of £100 and the guy even delivered it that night! I just love it so much, exactly what I was looking for. She just screams, I'm a lady and I like lady things hehehe! I love sitting here, getting myself all prim and proper. And as an added bonus thanks to the drawers it actually keeps me very tidy!

But enough of that, I'm sure you all want to see what's in the drawers?

Bottom right: Blushe's galore! & a few highlighters and a bronzer or two!

Top right: Palette's! Oooh how I love my palette's

Middle: Oooh bit of everything really. Skincare, foundations & tinted moisturiser

Top left: Lipstick, glosses and a bit of hair stuff!

Bottom left: last but not least, it's all about eyes! liners, mascara, lashes, shadow...

So what do you think ladies? I'm off to powder my nose, but in the mean time - how do you store your makeup? 
post me your links! 

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Toni&Guy create London Fashion Week history...

Kicking off London Fashion Week
Toni & Guy presents the very first hair and fashion show! 
guess who scored a hot little ticket to this money-can't-buy show?


damn heels!

air kisses darling!

hair envy... isn't this impressively gorgeous?!

1 of your 5 a day! lol

Oooh who have they spied?

Olivia Palermo!

Lydia Rose-Bright (TOWIE girl & she blogs too!)

finally were in!

gosh! this is embarassing... um Miss Cambel your in my seat!

it's ok Naomi could happen to anyone..
now that's all sorted, let the show begin!
thanks Naomi
And that's a wrap!

Phew! thank you so much to Halpern PR & Toni&Guy for my invite. Florrie White for the gorgeous, gorgeous makeup