Saturday, 12 November 2011

The secret diary of a stingy girl continues...

I'm pleased to say I've transferred my stingy/frugal ways across the other side of the world & discovered a whole new perspective on stingy shopping i.e. charity shops & carboot sales! ta da!

Oooh they are delightful!

Don't frown darling! it's not "charity ewww..." it's 

Here is a quick little post about my morning charity shop bargain hunt...

Shoes! Yes, shoes!!!

Pink ones! aren't they cute?
unfortunately due to the rubbish weather, I can't get a true picture of the colour but they are a soft baby pink

they even have bows

but, wait for it - they are from ALDO! seriously!!! 
Oooh nice!

so considering shoe's from ALDO can average around £65+ 
how much did I pay for these lovelies??




Yep! that's right 3 shiny british pounds, or for my aussie friends that's the bargain price of 

AU$4.70 !!!

So who's with me? are they a bargain, or what!? 
do you think they are cute? would you wear them? 

have you come across any fabulous finds lately? 

Would you like to see more of my stingy/frugal charity shop bargains?


  1. charit shops are the way forward! What a bargain! x

  2. Wow bargainous! Loving the blog x

  3. Hooray! I love a good op-shop bargain! It's good for the environment and good for the wallet.. that's a win/win.

    Pink is not my thing but those shoes are super cute, I'm glad they have found someone who will love them and wear them again! :)

  4. Op shopping is not only good for the pocket, but great for charity and great for the environment!

  5. Love it! Op shopping is great for the environment too!

  6. WHAT! That's a rare gem find! Awesomeness!!

  7. SCORE! They're absolutely beautiful!