Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Hairy scary?

As a self proclaimed selfish cow, it pains me to say that sometimes it's not always all about me...

Let me introduce you to The Real Shaving Co.

Hubby-to-be was very surprised that something had actually arrived in the mail for him. Naturally I opened up all the tubes and had a good old poke about at all the products. And you know what? they smell, well - MANLY! Nice! 

So with a box of brand sparkly new products to try out and me being insanely jealous, you know what the cheeky bugger then asked for? new razors! cheeky monkey indeed! then told me was too camera shy to actually appear in the blog post... Grrr!

 So what to do, what to do?

In come's fabulous new housemate Bronson! who was more than happy (after the offer of free beer & gentle persuasian) to be my tester bunny! hurrah!


a natural born product tester!

pondering what he's got himself into!!

I asked Mr B what he thought of The Real Shaving Co. products?

Mr B: Ummm, yeah they were good
LJ: what was your favourite product?
Mr B: the scrubbing one, that was good! I'll use that one again.
LJ: would you buy these again when they run out?
Mr B: Yep!
LJ: so, what would you rate the products out of 5?

LJ: Oh good, so that's a solid 5?

Mr B: nope, make that 6 out of 5!

So there you have it! a 6 out of 5! impressive, good job Mr B! 

With Christmas looming I would highly recommend some goodies from The Real Shave Co. for your other half, as stocking fillers, a pressie for your best guy mate or the office kris kringle.

And best of all they are all under a fiver! - unless you add on brand new razors!! lol


  1. p.s. Little Jo has no affiliation with Kronenbourg I just have good taste! ;)

  2. Loved the post Jo :). I should get john onto it lol.
    BTW love love the bathroom :)

  3. What a funny post. Good on Mr B for trying out the products.

  4. This is completely off topic, but is that your bathroom? It's amazing!

  5. Awww! glad you all like this post :-) and yep that's our bathroom!! x

  6. Hey Jo,

    I just Nominated you for the Liebster award


  7. this is such a cute post Jo!!

    PS. I nominated you for a Liebster blog award!

  8. Love it, you managed to get a males perspective down in writing. The wonders of beer eh, might get my Mr some of these x

  9. hahaha! Too funny! I love your bathroom! and your blog! :):) xoxox hugs!