Friday, 28 October 2011

Storage update!

In between sorting / selling / giving away my precious makeup that has become almost like children to me! *sniff, sniff* Not to mention all the whinging and whining from the hubby-to-be I managed to smuggle a few tiny kilos of makeup and skincare into my already overladen suitcase on my way home to the UK... lol!

So you may remember my first storage post back in Australia, and yes, well it seems that perhaps my collection may have grown a slight tad... so here's an update for you all

Isn't she gorgeous?!!

It only took me a few weeks of trawling the net to find her, and oh my god it was tedious, I kept coming across dolls furniture! was rather hilarious now I look back, but I would get all excited, but then realise it was a miniature!! Eventually I was such a lucky little lady and nabbed my vintage dressing table from a guy on gumtree for the bargain price of £100 and the guy even delivered it that night! I just love it so much, exactly what I was looking for. She just screams, I'm a lady and I like lady things hehehe! I love sitting here, getting myself all prim and proper. And as an added bonus thanks to the drawers it actually keeps me very tidy!

But enough of that, I'm sure you all want to see what's in the drawers?

Bottom right: Blushe's galore! & a few highlighters and a bronzer or two!

Top right: Palette's! Oooh how I love my palette's

Middle: Oooh bit of everything really. Skincare, foundations & tinted moisturiser

Top left: Lipstick, glosses and a bit of hair stuff!

Bottom left: last but not least, it's all about eyes! liners, mascara, lashes, shadow...

So what do you think ladies? I'm off to powder my nose, but in the mean time - how do you store your makeup? 
post me your links! 


  1. this is gorgeous, every women needs a beautiful dressing table right, its just neccessary! xx

  2. That dresser is so beautiful!!! I wish i had one just like lol, what an amazing find. I love all your make-up too.

  3. wow Jo its beautiful! I wish I had a dressing table like that!

  4. Wow! What a beautiful dressing table, am utterly jealous!

  5. I would love to own a gorgeous dressing table like this, unfortunately that will have to wait until I live somewhere that has space for one! I love that you have quite a few drawers in this one so you can fit loads of products.