Friday, 14 October 2011

I'm so embarassed...

I'm so embarassed! It's been FOREVER since my last blog post... 
I do apologise, especially to all my twitter mates for all the 
no internet = no blogging ranting & raving @#?!**

  But I have been a busy little bee, in the last few weeks I...

moved house!

started a fancy new job

scored a hot little ticket to London Fashion Week!!!

attended a few product launches...!

and have been busily road testing a load of makeup, hair & skincare

So I just wanted to say hi! that I'm back and ready to BLOG!

But, enough about me...
How have you all been? and more importantly what have I missed? 
 feel free to leave your blog links in the comments 



  1. Jo your BACK!!!

    I missed you. I'm happy everything has worked out :) I told you it would.
    I have been good. Got a new puppy :) and also like you road testing alot of products :).

  2. I just stumbled across your blog through PRIMPED. Love it already! Can't wait for more posts, I'm going back through the old ones as we speak.

  3. @Melissa ~ Hi MellyMoo yay! hi hon, i've missed u! cannot wait to catch up with you on email & I'm loving your new puppy pics xox

    @Miranda ~ awww thanks so much, it's just my little ramblings love that your enjoying it! ;-)