Thursday, 30 June 2011

The secret diary of a stingy girl continues...

Bonjour Little One's! It's been a little while, I know... BUT now that I'm a lady of leisure i.e. temporarily "unemployed" *cough* & about to embark on another international adventure (hurrah!) I celebrated my last day of work with a long boozy business lunch, then treated myself to a little self indulgence & S H O P P I N G stingy girl style of course!!
 For the past few weeks I've been running around like a crazy lady organising the big move, so sadly I've had hardly any 
"ME ME ME It's all about me" time which in turn means I've missed my signature barbie pink nails. So jumping on the shellac train I popped into my favourite nail salon Eagle Nails for a $30 shellac hot pink mani!!

Isn't it fab? I just love the colour, so pretty & shiny plus it has this gorgeous hint of shimmer in it - such a shame my camera just wont do it justice. Such a bargain for only $30! will be interesting to see if it lasts the dreaded exit clean & trekking through Asia...
So, now for the shopping! I cannot tell a lie, I hate flying and in a few days time I will be on not 1 but 4 planes on my journey back to London, so it helps if I can have a little distraction.. What would be better than a beauty book! Lucky for me, Angus & Robertson are closing down and have some huge discounts!! I could not go past Rae Morris Express Makeup

Last year I was lucky enough to actually meet & interview Rae at IMATS where she launched Express Makeup, which quickly sold out so she signed a comp card for me 

But for the all important price!

What a bargain! $43.99 down to $11.00 that is just madness!!!

I'm thoroughly enjoying my new found lady of leisure job title sitting in front of the tv watching The Circle, sipping a nice hot cup of tea in my hot pink pj's & blogging! I actually have to get with the program and...

and of course...

wish me luck!! oh, by the way have you entered my


  1. What a freakin bargain!
    P.S. Marching Powder is a great read. hehe

  2. I know!! sometimes I truly out-do my stinge bag self :D heheh you have beady eyes miss! I've heard loads about it so just had to pick it up too xox

  3. Holy crap I want that book, especially for $11!

  4. Such a bargain!! Though I already got it at a different sale =)

  5. Wow how exciting. Hearing about it gives me the travel bug. Loving that pink mani!

  6. oh my goodness that is an amazing bargain!! I bet by the time I get back to bris it is sold out :(