Monday, 27 June 2011

G I V E A W A Y ! my little way of saying thank you...

Sorry?! I didn't quite catch that? did you say Little Jo is having a 
G I V E A W A Y ?


Well, to say a little thank you! to all my lovely followers!!  
T H A N K ~ Y O U

Now, Let's get down to it! what can you WIN?!

A fabulous knit kit from sportsgirl! complete with gigantic knitting needles!!! plus, balls of yarn, an instruction booklet, a professional Sportsgirl Styling Session, AND a Sportsgirl rainbow lollypop! nommy nom!!

A gorgeous candle & body scrub from Ajana! in my favourite scent Lavender Lemongrass & Tea Tree and a mini rose scented bath bomb from Lin Lou skin rituals for a little pampering!

A lovely little bag of hand picked Kiehl's deluxe sample sized goodies!
Last but not least! Gorgeous cosmetics sheer brilliance foundation & VIP card! NAK aroma oil spray (leave in hair treatment), Derma Intensive anti-wrinkle day cream, Shiseido Perfect Rouge mini lipstick in RD305, Ultra3 nail polish in Bo Peep! Sportsgirl nail polish in Iceberg, Maybelline Baby Lips in Berry & Kink silk eyeshadow in Gypsy!

How can you enter the fabulous Little Jo giveaway?

First: become a follower on my blog via google friend connect

Tweet: Oh my stars! I've just entered a fabulous @_LittleJo_ giveaway & you can too! @ follow & RT 

In the comments leave your follower name and answer this burning question:

What keeps you coming back to my humble little jo blog? is it the mutual love of pink? my witty blog posts? lol! OR are you truly deep down a great big stinge bag just like me!


(comp australia wide only & will be drawn very shortly!)



  1. Hi Jo :D

    I follow you on twitter and now on google friends connect as babycakequeen on both counts :D

    Truth is:
    You are witty- especially on twitter :D
    I am a stingebag too and I'm now off to find anything here on this awesome blog that resembles a money saving tip- TA DA :D
    I too have a pink blog and pink cupcakes are my fave :D
    Tweeting right now

    Thanks for my chance
    Amanda from Amanda's Mummy Jeans

  2. Hi Lovely!

    My follower name is Flossy and you know I follow you on twitter.

    I love reading your witty ramblings on your blog and yes, I love the colour pink too! :o).

    Thanks for doing this giveaway, I'm doing one too very soon :o)

  3. I'm also a sucker for Little Jo's witty posts - which are a pleasure to read ;)

    I follow via GFC as Beauty Soiree as well as via Twitter under the same name.

    I'll give this fab giveaway a Tweet-Out soon.

    Wish me luck !!

    Stephanie xx

  4. What an awesome giveaway, very generous of you Jo!
    I am following via GFC as Di from Max The Unicorn
    And following on Twitter as @ShinyGlitterBug
    Just tweeted the comp, here's the tweet
    I totally love your sense of humour, pink girly blog and the beauty posts, they keep me coming back!
    Fingers crossed xx

  5. Hey Jo,

    I follow you on blogspot as Natalie and also on Twitter as Natee2304.

    I really love your blog! Your blog and it’s content is fresh and original, which is really important in the big wide world of social networking.

    I’m also a pink girl at heart, so the many hues of pink are a pleasure to see. And I’m shamed to admit I’m also a ‘great big stinge bag’!

    Thanks for the giveaway ☺
    Nat xoxo

  6. Hi! I'm following you through GFC and twitter (ashashake for both)

    Why do I keep visiting your blog? Uh, well all of the reasons you listed! I'm a firm believer that you can never have too much pink ;)
    Also, I love that your personality comes through in all your posts, it makes them so much more interesting :)

  7. Hey Jo. What a great giveaway!
    I follow on GFC as Sarah Cook.
    I have also tweeted about the comp. :)
    I keep coming back to your blog because it's always so cute and positive and I know that you are genuinely a beautiful & kind person (having met you personally and over Twitter).

  8. Hi Jo! I follow as Beauty Chattette and I really like your blog because it covers a range of topics and I love your writing style and pictures. I have also tweeted this and joined GFC as beauty chattette.

    Great give away and I LOVE the blog :)

  9. I'm a newbie, a virgin you might say but I'm keen for a laugh and feel free to lead me astray.

    Follow your blog & tweeted

  10. I already follow via GFC as emmabovary, I just tweeted (@emmabrooks91 is my twitter handle) and I keep coming back here because you are real! I love the way you come thru in your writing, a rare talent. xx

  11. Hey jojo!!

    I follow on gfc - Sarah the science of beauty

    Just about to tweet tweet

    I keep coming back to your blog because I find it really entertaining. I love love love how pic heavy it is - when you cover an event I really feel like I am there! I hope you continue it from London as I'd love to see what's happening over there!

  12. Well I think your a little bit of a sasspot and u make me giggle and your blog theme is awesome ;) as are your images and I font want you to go overseas Sony must not forget your Aussie bloggin buddies x x

  13. I keep coming back because well a) I met you and you were awesome, b)you have to prettiest pictures, and c) I love the way you write, you are always so happy and charming, its fantastic!

    I follow through GFC as Tegan McIntosh, and I also tweeted your adorable message :) twitter name TeganMcIntosh :)

    PS. I only got your MAC message ages after I relied to your first message, and yeh, I took back six. One of them was a mascara though, I am pretty sure that anything is acceptable :)

  14. HOORAY! What a giveaway! AWESOME PRIZES!!!!
    HAHA! I love how amazing you are and how much we have in common! I love how you love 50's icons, pink, how you hate where you work (heheh like me) how you want to be like Barbie, how you live in the Valley... the list goes on and on!!!
    I'm stalking.. I mean following you and I've ta-weeted! YAY!!!! Big love to you!

  15. I love PINK just as much as you do! And I'm tight as well! Following as Catrina Murray and tweeted away! xx

  16. I've only just found your blog the other week and have already fallen in love with it. I think I'm a closet pink lover, so I guess that's one of the many reasons why I keep coming back to your blog ;) I don't have a twitter account, but I have followed you, hope it still counts.

  17. Your blog is so cute and what you write is also so cute! Keep it up :)

  18. Following you on GFC under Danielle and twitter under Kerrasan.

    I really like your blog because your personality shines through. Some days I'll be going through my reader and not even know who has written the post I'm reading but that's never the case with your blog! I've also been known to giggle randomly when reading your posts, which has resulted in some odd looks from co-workers.
    Also, I'm a sucker for all things pink :)

  19. Hello Little Jo!
    I follow you on GFC as Jessie.
    I also follow you on Twitter as @PcktBabe, I also retweeted!
    Why do I keep coming back to your lovely blog? Well I'm a closet packaging horder! Whether its the pretty little boxes my goodies come in or the little baggie the SA gives to me, I can never bare to part with it! When I moved out of home it was hard to let go of my packaging, my poor boyfriend thinks I'm special. I also love the way in which you write your blogs, very funny it makes me giggle. And I do love a bit of bright pink on my nails too!

  20. I follow you under the name cait_026 on twitter. I keep coming back to your blog as I love pink and your amazing taste in nail polish colours! xo