Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Feeling Blue...

I'm a bit of a sad panda today...

alot has been happening over the last year, I sold, packed up & moved my whole life to the other side of the world (again), I changed jobs alot! made a precious handful of lovely friends and lost some good ones too...

I also lost the love of my life and with that have had to make some very difficult life changing decisions.

 I feel like everything has come on top of me lately, so it's probably no surprise I'm feeling ill at the moment...

Not only do I wear my heart on my sleeve, I eat my feelings...

I also paint my feelings on my nails...


We all go through difficult & hard times in our life and I know that I just need to look after myself and get through it...

but it still hurts!

slowly getting through one day at a time...

Little Jo 


  1. Your friends LOVE you and will miss you!! Chin up lovely and remember no matter what you are wonderful and the world is a better place with you in it. xx

    1. Awww thanks hon! I will definitely miss you, thanks for the kind words hon xxx

  2. Hugs to you Jo! I hope you feel better and I am sure everything will fall into place. Just give it time and stay strong. And remember the beautiful person you are!

  3. Thank you Su, I really do appreciate your comments. I am getting there slowly and trying to take time out for myself xxx

  4. Jo OMG. I hope you are well and I know you will be. Big hugs and kisses from back home. Miss you and love you xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Hey Jo,
    You know I'm always here for you.

    Big hugs waiting for you when you arrive in Melbourne.


  6. aw poppet, sending you a big squishy cuddle. Brownies will help too :) hope you feel much better soon, remember life is full of highs and lows. You'll come out the other side stronger xxx

  7. Hi Jo! Thanks for your lovely comment on twitter, I literally squealed when I read it!! So sorry to read about the terrible year you've been having, I've been having a crap yr too so I can empathise. Hopefully things turn around for us both soon, I'm sending mental hugs over the internet to you! Love the blog.xx

    1. You are so welcome CeeCee! thanks for the kind words hon, I too ho9pe things are on the way up! xxx

  8. i hope it all falls into place for you soon and your heart heals. i'll bet you are missed everywhere you are not...