Thursday, 11 August 2011

The little jo adventures...

Why HELLO little ones! So sorry I haven't blogged in forever and a day, hope you haven't all forgotten about little old me!
But, I've been a busy little bee and have packed up my life to make the big move all the way back to London
It's been an amazing journey with a few stops along the way... 

 Singapore the land of shopping malls and gorgeous food!

Oodles of noodles!!

ice cold Singapore Sling at the
famous Raffles hotel oooh don't mind if I do!

Some satay to nibble on? absolutely!!!

Now for my favourite detour - the beautiful Sri Lanka...

Sri Lanka the jewel of the indian ocean...
Sri Lanka was absolutely stunning from the people to the gorgeous ever changing scenery and the food oh my stars the food is AMAZING! We spent 14 days travelling this beautiful country soaking up the sun, sipping cocktails, patting elephants, watching cheeky monkeys play, and dining on fresh lobster...

Sigiriya the 8th Wonder of the World
Cheeky monkeys!
Just a little shopping of course!
how gorgeous is my sari?
my new friend Raja just chillin'
at the millennium elephant foundation

Now for the truly exciting part!!


I arrived!!! I finally made it back to L O N D O N !!!

There was even a welcoming party!

I can't wait to continue the Little Jo bloggy blog with tales of Little Jo in london... 

'til next time


  1. Yeay glad you made it back to London safely, with fab adventures on the way. Looking fwd to your posts all the way from London now.

  2. OHEMGEE you went to Sri Lanka and stopped over at Singapore too!! Amaaayyyzeeiiinngg!!

    Glad you've made it back safe and sound in London, with the riots going at the moment, stay safe!!

    Am so looking forward for more posts from you, lovely~

  3. Glad to see you back! I love elephants, such lovely pictures! Looks like you had an awesome time :)
    Take care and stay safe in London! x

  4. I miss you!!!!

    Glad to see you had a great time and stay safe


  5. looks lovely!!! i hope you have a fantastic time, miss you! xx

  6. Great to hear you doing well!! Oh and the spice girls coming together despite their differences to welcome you, amazing (haha my humor really doesn't translate well on the net!
    Anyways glad to know your safe, the trip sounds excellent.

  7. Omg Sri Lanka and Singapore look amazing. So jealous you got to go there!

    Good to hear you made it there safely, and I can't wait to see what beauty work experience adventures you get up to :D